80 - 90 ºC Shape Memory Nitinol Wire (As Drawn) Price Guide:

For custom material such as: Alloy Composition, Surface Finish Specific Thermomechanical Treatment and/or Alloy Form please contact a Dynalloy representative. Please note: the shape memory Nitinol is in the cold, worked as drawn condition and does not exhibit typical shape memory properties. The correct annealing and shape setting steps are required to introduce the effect.

Diameter Size
inches (mm)
Total Quantity Ordered
Total Quantity Ordered
Total Quantity Ordered
0.004 (0.102) $0.150ft / $0.490m $0.084ft / $0.274m $0.063ft / $0.206m
0.006 (0.152) $0.150ft / $0.490m $0.105ft / $0.346m $0.081ft / $0.266m
0.010 (0.254) $0.230ft / $0.754m $0.177ft / $0.580m $0.125ft / $0.411m
Additional sizes available upon request.

Please call (714) 436-1206 and ask for Customer Support if you have any questions.

A handling fee of $10 will be applied to all orders under $50